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To your new webhost!

We recently experienced a hard drive failure on our main server and are in the process of rebuilding Dynamized. A more detailed update will be published soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Here at, our goal is to provide you with fast, feature-rich webhosting for your website. We specialize in offering the best in class InterWorx-based hosting, with our main focus on reliability, and customer service.

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Hosting For Developers, By Developers

Not only do we focus on keeping our service reliable and up-to-standard, but we tailor our hosting solutions toward developers. With the most advanced administration panel in the industry, cutting-edge scripting languages, and the necessary development plugins and tools.

Developer Highlights

  • InterWorx Control Panel (the most advanced control panel in the industry)
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 4.1
  • Ruby on Rails (the latest in script skeleton creation)
  • Advanced web-based file manager (makes ‘on-the-go’ site editing a snap!)

For more information on the features we offer, visit our Features Page.

Responsive Support

Nothing is worse than having a problem with your site/account, and getting stuck on hold for an hour with your site in serious need of help. We do not outsource support, and have all of our representatives on guard 24 hours a day.

To view available support options, visit our Support Page.

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